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John Doe

Wombats Rugby Chairman


Hello I to Dennis Heinz, Chairman of VfL Jesteburg Wombats.

We are one of the only Rugby Club south of the Elbe between Hamburg and Hanover. The VfL Jesteburg is a great club for any rugby interested. We have four large sports fields, three of which are floodlit and a large spacious clubhouse with a bar next door! 

In summer there is an outdoor swimming pool next door and in winter there are several halls and maybe soon a gym as well. so what do you want more?  

Rugby is THE team sport for anyone who loves team spirit and discipline and wants to get to know his body and its limits and grow beyond that. Our motto: Respect and honor can`t loose is lived with us. The change has begun, a new team is born! Are you part of this team? If our values ​​are your values ​​and you are looking for a new team, feel free to drop by or contact me. 

 If you’re interested in how we came to look at our past looks like, look at our history. A moving past seeks a glorious future.  

 But enough of the introductory words! Who are we? 

 A mixed team of young and old, age is finally just a number. We train together and thus do something together next to the field.  

 Especially for young people, there is a motto in Rugby Sports that our coach and I live for: We want you to live forever on the field, that you can be forever strong off it. 

 Our coach is Gary Dineen, a former rugby professional from Ireland. The sport has brought him to the north and now the family has brought him to the contemplative district of Harburg. He does not work for young and old. Whether it’s the improvement of good rugby players or the re-learning of the sport we all love so much. 

 Our biggest achievement is the Rugby Regionalliga Nord in the 2009/2010 season. Unfortunately, the team broke up after the logistically impossible. Many older players took the league’s win as a personal sporting highlight and ended their careers and the young leaders drew it to the 1st Bundesliga in Hamburg. After that, things went slowly, but we have always produced great talent in the youth field.  

 Finally, I would like to invite you to join us, to help you with your coaching skills, be warm and happy welcoming. 


The future is waiting for us since a part of it !! 



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